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Sound Healing

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945). Sound as with other vibrational healing systems works with our body in such an effective way to bring the body back into balance. A session consists of a consultation followed by you being asked to lie on the treatment couch (fully clothed) where […]

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How do you know you are awakening spiritually?

Hello, welcome to my blog on Spiritual Awakening. More and more people are starting to question their purpose and looking for something more meaningful in life outside of material gain. These can be signs that Spiritual Awakening has started. Below are my top signs that can indicate you are becoming more spiritually aware. You no […]

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Listening to your inner voice….

Welcome to my blog to provide some guidance on listening to your inner voice… I have written about this as I believe it is our natural innate Sat Nav system, to guide us on our life path and yet few of us neither listen nor trust it.  We can therefore head in a free will direction, […]

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BLOG – Inspirational Mediumship Secrets

Hello and welcome to my blog about mediumship and the issues many new mediums face. I’ll be sharing with you my mediumship journey, my struggles with mediumship such as overcoming fear of giving platform readings, working with one to one recipeints, learning to accept and work with the “no’s” from the sitter, learning to trust […]

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