A Psychic Sitting with Larry will be a most relaxing and positive experience and will provide an opportunity for you to hear from your loved ones and family. It can be enormously helpful in reducing the pain of that earthly loss and in helping people to come to terms with their grief.

Much strength can be gained from knowing that our loved ones have not left us for good; we can still be in contact with them and that we will, one day, see them again. It is a great gift to realise that they can pass messages to us through a channel such as Larry.

The time spent with Larry is just like speaking to a long time family friend. Although it cannot always be determined who will come to communicate from Spirit, we can be sure that the messages will be pertinent for that person (or another close family member) at that particular time.

Personal Guidance

Many people come to Larry looking for messages and guidance from departed loved ones in Spirit. Spirit Guides may also come forward to steer them towards their future pathway. Time and time again we see how this can provide insight and guidance in our daily lives.

Sometimes we may need guidance concerning our relationships with others. In addition, important and challenging decisions may have to be made concerning our home or working lives. This is where a session with Larry will provide insight during challenging times in our lives.

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Session Time